JKA South Bassonia

Karate Syndicate Individual Championships

8 September 2018

Please read this notice carefully and keep on hand for reference. A huge amount of time is spent answering telephonic and email enquiries that are already covered in this notice.  While it may sometimes seem easier to phone to ask a question than find and read this notice, it does tie up the organiser’s time unnecessarily!

The purpose of these Championships is not just to acknowledge the top karateka in our areas, but involve every single karateka and to reward them for their efforts throughout the year. This is an official Karate Syndicate event and is compulsory for ALL Karate Syndicate members.


We will be doing the drawsheets prior to the competition but entries (names and entry fees) MUST BE IN BY THE CLOSING DATE. This means that we can only base draws on ages and belt levels of competitors. Size/height will not be factored into the draws No discussion will be entered into in this regard and late entries will not be accepted.

Venue: Alberton Wrestling Club, Helston Road, Alberton

Closing Date: 10 August 2018  No late entries will be accepted.

Dinkies: There will be a Creative Kata division for White belt Dinkies who do not yet know Heian Shodan or any of the Kihon Katas. Please consult your dojo for more information in this regard.

Medals: Will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and joint 3rd in all divisions and participation certificates will be awarded to all competitors. Trophies will be awarded in the senior divisions and senior team events.

Entry Fees:

Individual entries - R300-00 for Kata or Kumite or both (not R150 per division).

There will be no charge for spectators so we invite you to bring the family along to enjoy this friendly tournament with us. There will be a tuck-shop available for refreshments – please support this.

 All entry fees all payable strictly by cash and must be returned in the pre-printed envelopes. These are available from your dojo head and must be returned to them BEFORE the closing date.

One envelope per person for individual entries.


Please note the following general information:

If you require mitts or gumguards, please contact Karyn IN ADVANCE on 082 579 0890 or by email on jkabassonia@gmail.com.  Students must have their own mitts & gumguards. They will not be permitted to share with other students as this slows down the tournament.

Mitts: These are compulsory at all SA JKA Tournaments and many others as well, so are therefore required for most competitions and not just this one. Please note that red, white or blue may be worn. However, if the competitor wishes you use red and blue mitts, then they must have both colours as per the colour they are competing in. In other words, if they are fighting in red they may only wear red or white mitts – they may not wear blue mitts. Conversely, if they are fighting in blue, they may only wear blue or white – they may not wear red mitts. Shinpads are optional but the same rules regarding colours applies.

Gumguards will be compulsory for all Kumite. Competitors must have their own.

Karateka must wear a full karate suit– i.e proper gi top and pants and belt. No tshirts will be permitted.

"Dinkies" refers only to the very, very young students (+-4-6 yrs old) who are not able to complete a proper kata (Kihon Kata 2, Kihon Kata 3, Kihon Kata 4 or Heian Shodan etc). These students may do "Creative Kata" which means that they will make up their own kata. If in doubt consult your dojo head.

JKA Kumite rules will apply with different fighting times for the different ages. Repercharge system will be used throughout in kata and kumite.

Competitors may leave only when the medals for their division have been issued – even if they did not win a medal – as this is a basic courtesy. However, we cannot guarantee times for divisions so please consider this an all day event. Parents who are unable to spend the day are welcome to send their child with their instructors and they can call you when they are finished.

For any further details please feel free to contact us on 082 579 0890 or your dojo head. We look forward to seeing you all there for what will no doubt be an exciting time for us all.

Competition Rules:

Kata – flags to the end

Dinky’s  - Creative/Make up Kata - This will take the format of a make-up Kata that the competitors make

 up themselves and is only for those white belts who do not already know a kata (eg. 5-6yrs and younger)

Juniors (up to 13yrs)

    White to Orange                                          May repeat katas                  May ONLY perform Heian Group

   Green - Purple                                             May not repeat katas            1st round - Heian Group

   2nd round – Heian Group or Bassai Group

   3rd round – Heian Group or Bassai Group

Youth (14-17yrs)  

    White to Orange                                          May repeat katas                   May ONLY perform Heian Group

Green - Purple                                             May not repeat katas           1st round - Heian Group

   2nd round – Heian Group or Bassai Group

  3rd round – Heian Group or Bassai Group

   Red – black                                                  May not repeat katas           1st round - Heian Group or Bassai Group

   2nd round – Heian Group or Bassai Group

   3rd round – Any kata                   

Seniors (18yrs+)

   White – Purple                                              May repeat katas                  1st round - Heian Group

  2nd round – Heian Group or Bassai Group

  3rd round – Any kata

  Brown - Black                                              May not repeat a kata           1st round - Heian Group

  2nd round – Heian Group or Bassai Group

  3rd round – Any kata

Heian Group = Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan, Heian Godan, Tekki Shodan

Bassai Group = Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Empi, Jion, Hangetsu, Jitte

Kumite: Free Kumite for all divisions. Gumguards and padded mitts (red & blue or white) are compulsory. JKA rules.

Referees and Table Officials:

No tournament can run without Referees and Table Officials. The single biggest cause of tournaments running late is a shortage of referees. This is often due to referees working on tables instead of refereeing. It is therefore vital that we have designated table officials. Refreshments will be provided for officials and helpers on the day of the tournament. Parent willing to assist please contact us on jkabassonia@gmail.com.