Dojo Etiquette

l Clean hands and feet

l Short fingernails

l No eating or chewing gum

l Clean karate gi

l Don't roll up cuffs of gi

l Long hair to be tied up

l No watch or jewellery. If rings etc cannot be removed they must be taped to prevent injury to others

l If you arrive late, wait on the side in Seiza for the Instructor to invite you to join the class

l Karateka should stand in grade order in the line, from the highest to lowest grade. When breaking up the line, do so in descending grade order

l The highest grade recites the Dojo Kun (Maxims) and calls for “rei” (bow)

l Bow and greet the Senior Instructors and karateka personally on your arrival. Bow to Dan grades senior to you in order of seniority (from highest to lowest)

l When sitting, either kneel or cross your legs. Do not sit with legs extended straight out

l Don't be late for class

l Give respect to all karate participants, whatever their grade or age

l Never stand with your hands on your hips or lean against the wall

l Acknowledge the Sensei's instructions with "Oss"

l There should be no idle talking during class. It is disrespectful and distracting to the Sensei and other participants

l When the Sensei is giving an explanation during training, stand quietly and attentively and keep our hands at your side or behind you

l Do not bring food, drinks, or items that might spill, into the Dojo

l The Instructor is always addressed as “Sensei”. The most senior student is addressed as “Sempai"

l When changing partners for an exercise, bow to the previous partner before moving on to the next, and then bow to the new partner

l Senior belts must lead by example to junior belt

l When adjusting your gi or belt, turn away from other people and the front of the dojo