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The black belt is a symbol of strength, compassion and true dedication to Karate-Do. True martial artists look upon the SHO-DAN (First level) black belt as a beginning, not an end; it heralds the student’s birth as a karate-ka. Karate demands constant effort and self-discipline. Karate teaches a multitude of life lessons one of the main ones being - what you put in is what you get out. At JKA South Bassonia we take pride in our art and offer:

JKA South Bassonia is situated at 7 Rooigras Avenue, Bassonia in Johannesburg’s southern suburbs and is affiliated to, amongst others, SA JKA Karate Association, Karate Syndicate. We encourage our students to compete at as many competitions as possible and our tournament results at all levels speak for themselves.

Our instructors have a proud history with the SA JKA Senior and Junior Karate Team having produced many members of the team to represent South Africa at the JKA Shotocup World Championships:

Japan 1996 – Wayne Smith;
Paris 1998 – Wayne Smith and Bruce Smith
Tokyo 2000 – Wayne Smith, Christelle Schofield and Karyn Smith and Bruce Smith
Tokyo 2004 – Christelle Schofield and Karyn Smith and Bruce Smith
Sydney 2006 -  Wayne Smith, Karyn Smith and Bruce Smith (Manager)
Thailand 2011 - Nataly Marchbank, Melanie Marchbank, Wayne Smith (Jnr Coach), Karyn Smith (Jnr Coach), & Bruce Smith (Manager)
Japan 2014 - Nataly Marchbank, Melanie Marchbank, Wayne Smith (Junior Coach)

Paris 1998 - Trevor de Brito
Thailand 2011 - Ashleigh Nickloes, Daniela Barletta and Paige Stopforth
Japan 2014 - Paige Stopforth and Tarien Prinsloo

Our students have also excelled at National level in KSA All Styles and other all styles tournaments. Many of the students have also earned Provincial Colours and several have earned National Colours: Senior Protea Colours: Instructor Karyn Smith, Christelle Schofield and Nataly Marchbank; Junior Protea Colours: Kegan Webber-Maeder, Troy de Paiva, Matthew Champion and Daniela Barletta.


The club has about 100 members ranging from “Dinky” white belts (beginners) to senior black belts. Our students range in age from 5-80 years of age!

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